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LKLD SantaCon Lakeland

LKLD SantaCon

Annual Santa-Themed Pub Crawl in Downtown Lakeland

SantaCon is an annual adult event, where participants dress up as Santa Claus or other holiday-related characters and embark on a festive adventure through downtown Lakeland, FL. The event combines flash mob, procession, and bar crawl, aimed at spreading holiday cheer and joy throughout the community.

What sets Lakeland's SantaCon apart? We donate all profits from LKLD SANTACON to Kids Pack Inc., a charitable organization that provides food for children in need. By participating in LKLD SantaCon, attendees enjoy the festivities and camaraderie AND contribute to a meaningful cause that supports hungry children in their community.

As the Santas, elves, and other holiday characters traverse the city, surprising tourists, kids, and bar patrons with their joyful presence, they do so knowing that their participation directly benefits children in need through Kids Pack Inc.

The LKLD Santacon Story

Just Some Christmas Nerds

Who started LKLD SantaCon? We are not sure. (If you're out there, let us know!) The first organized Facebook Event we can find is from 2012, so possibly even before that! The SantaCon Event has evolved over the years in downtown Lakeland to the philanthropic-santa-themed-pub-crawl/self-guided-tour it is today with the love and hard work of a bunch of #christmasnerds. 

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